Forever Young® BBL, MOXI, BBL HERO

Medical Grade Facials in Worcester, MA | La Bella Medical Aesthetics,12 The fastest light based technology for younger looking skin. Moxi is clinically proven to reverse aging skin’s visible signs, and the go-to for treating Melasma and non ablative resurfacing.Your provider will work directly with you to create a personalized broadband light (BBL) treatment plan that addresses your skin revitalization needs, including corrective treatments and […]


Hyperpigmentation Hyperpigmentation refers to any unusual discoloration of the skin. It can be caused by post blemish scarring, sun damage, age spots, eczema, freckles or melasma. Melasma, a common skin condition, is a type of hyperpigmentation. It is caused by the over production of melanin resulting in dark brown patches of pigment.The most common triggers […]

Weight loss

Weight Loss La Bella’s medically supervised weight loss program is a prescription based plan that is customizable for each patient. This program is designed for individuals who meet specific qualifying criteria. Please note that labs are required. HOW DO THE MEDICATIONS WORK? The medication is injected weekly under the skin, providing a feeling of early […]

Facial Treatments

Medical Grade Facials in Worcester, MA | La Bella Medical Aesthetics

Regular facials are an important part of a comprehensive skincare regimen. We offer a range of facial treatments to help patients attain a smoother, firmer, fresher look. Our goal is to identify the most effective treatment for the individual’s skin type and quality; there is truly no “one-size-fits-all” in performing a facial. With a full […]

Medical Grade Facials

Medical Grade Facials in Worcester, MA | La Bella Medical Aesthetics

Lip, Chin, Jawline, Under eye, Booty JUVÉDERM® Restylane® Versa & Radiesse The Treatment Customized Medical Grade Facial 150$ Our medical aesthetician, will meet with you to create a treatment plan that works for you. This facial is fully customizable and perfect for first time clients. Address your specific skin needs, from acne to dry skin […]

Acne Bootcamp

The Face Reality Acne Bootcamp has a 95% success rate with most clients seeing significant improvement within 12 weeks. The Face Reality Acne Bootcamp is an intensive 3-6 month program designed for acne sufferers who are committed to achieving clear skin. Your specialist will work with you in all areas of lifestyle changes including : […]


Lip, Chin, Jawline, Under eye, Booty JUVÉDERM® Restylane® Versa & Radiesse We offer a wide variety of Dermal Fillers to treat all areas of the face, neck and buttocks. Fillers are a great non-surgical way to achieve a youthful look & help with sagging, aging skin. We carry a variety of commonly used fillers such […]

Wrinkle Treatment

Wrinkle treatment is 11-13$/ unit average units BOTOX® Cosmetic XEOMIN® Dysport® Jeuveau® As one of the most popular services received in our office, it is no wonder that over 4 million Americans receive Botox each year. With little to no downtime, FDA approved neuromodulators help soften and smooth the appearance of fine lines on the […]

PRP/PRF Injections

Platelets promote cell growth and regeneration. “Platelet- rich plasma” is generally 5 times as concentrated than regular whole blood. PRF “Platelet- rich fibrin” is even more concentrated with platelets and thus considered to be more powerful. Platelets secrete growth factors and aid in wound healing and tissue regrowth. Your own blood is used for this […]


Get the best hair of your life! Introducing Keravive by HydraFacial A patented, one of a kind scalp treatment to boost scalp health and natural hair growth. Even with all the effort we put into our skincare routines, we often forget about the skin under our hair. The scalp is its own environment. When not […]

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