Kybella starts at 475$ per vial (typically require 2+ vials)

The only FDA-approved injectable drug effectively shrinks submental fat, also known as "double chin." Sometimes no matter how much we diet or exercise, stubborn fat areas will remain, submental fullness can be genetic or part of the natural aging process. Previously this area could only be treated with liposuction. This treatment may require more than one vial and at least one to five sessions. The procedure takes forty minutes to perform.

The pros of this treatment include:

The Treatment

Double Chin

Slenderize your chin with a Kybella injection. Permanently diminish fat cells and tighten your chin for a youthful appearance.


Do you have fleshy pockets of fat on the lower face that sag and drag? This looks unappealing and can make you appear older. As elastin and collagen decrease, jowls worsen and will tangibly appear. Get a refreshed appearance and diminish those jowls.

Bra Bulge

With a Kybella injection, the fat beneath your armpits will go poof! If it’s difficult to slim this area with exercise, this treatment is for you. The injectable is administered to the targeted area during the procedure to treat fat cells permanently.

Inner Thighs

Get a slimmer dazzling appearance with a Kybella injection on each side of the inner thighs. Results are permanent. You may get two to three vials per side each session.



You’re an excellent candidate for Kybella if you have excess fat beneath your chin, jowls, bra bulge, and inner thighs.

You’ll see the results in six weeks after the last procedure. The treated area will continue to improve for six months.

The results are permanent.

Yes. You may get bruising, swelling, redness, and mild aches. They’ll subside within a few days.

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