Vitamins & Infusions

Vitamins & Infusions

Boost your energy level, provide immune support, help with digestion or symptoms of anxiety and depression with our IV Vitamin Shots and Infusions. These treatments are administered directly into the vein for maximum absorption, ensuring you get a drastic boost in health. Unlike consuming supplements by swallowing them with water, which does not guarantee complete absorption of nutrients, Vitamin Shots offer an immediate and sustained method of absorbing all essential nutrients. Enhancements in your body and cognitive functioning can be experienced rapidly. Forget the coffee and sweeteners—replenish your immune system with natural vitamins. Additionally, IV nutritional therapy includes a range of customizable options such as beauty blends, hangover bags, mental clarity, and performance enhancement/muscle recovery infusions. We recommend a continuous treatment schedule every six weeks or monthly for optimal results. Each procedure takes about one hour to perform.

Benefits of Vitamin Injections & Infusions

The Treatment

We’ll choose the optimal IV Injection tailored to your health condition. You may get weekly or monthly treatments. The procedure takes ten minutes to perform.


Lipostat consists of a mixture of leprotic nutrients designed to improve weight reduction. Once these minerals and amino acids are injected into the treatment area, the fat built within the liver decomposes and diminishes. This method enhances your liver’s health. It contains a blend of these vital ingredients:


B Complex
Energizes and boosts stamina

Vitamin D
Enhances your immune system


Boost your immune system, feel better faster.

Brain storm

Improve cognitive function, information processing, learning, memory.

Get up and Go

burn fat, feel energized, and boost your metabolism

Inner Beauty

fight acne, wrinkles, and tired skin from the inside out.

Myers Cocktail

The ‘gold standard” for overall wellness


hydrate and combat fatigue from dehydration.


Ease hangover headache, nausea, and dehydration.

Performance and Recovery

Decrease recovery time & enhance your performance

Pre-Care Instructions

Post-Care Instructions


Anyone looking to enhance their overall health, boost energy levels, support immune function, or recover from specific ailments such as hangovers or muscle fatigue may benefit from vitamin injections and infusions. It is ideal for individuals seeking a direct method of nutrient absorption. However, those with certain medical conditions or allergies should consult with a healthcare provider before proceeding.

The duration of the effects from vitamin injections and infusions can vary. Typically, benefits can last from a few days to several weeks. Regular sessions are recommended to maintain optimal levels of health and energy.

The results from vitamin injections and infusions can often be felt almost immediately after treatment. Most people report feeling increased energy and improved mood shortly after their session. The timing can vary based on individual health status and the specific vitamins administered.

While vitamin injections and infusions are generally safe, some people may experience mild side effects such as bruising at the injection site, mild nausea, or dizziness. These symptoms are usually temporary. Severe reactions are rare but require immediate medical attention. It’s important to discuss potential risks with your healthcare provider.

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