Vitamin Injections

Vitamin Injections

Boost your energy level, provide immune support, help with digestion or symptoms of anxiety and depression with one of our IV Vitamin Shots. These injectables are directly inserted into the vein for maximum absorption. You'll get a drastic boost in health with this specialized procedure. Consuming supplements by swallowing them with water won't provide you with the complete absorption of the nutrients. Vitamin Shots is an advanced and effective method for absorbing all vital nutrients for immediate and sustained effect. The result? Enhancements in your body and cognitive functioning. Forget the coffee and sweeteners. Replenish your immune system with natural vitamins.

An excellent treatment if you’d like to improve:

The Treatment

We’ll choose the optimal IV Injection tailored to your health condition. You may get weekly or monthly treatments. The procedure takes ten minutes to perform.


Lipostat consists of a mixture of leprotic nutrients designed to improve weight reduction. Once these minerals and amino acids are injected into the treatment area, the fat built within the liver decomposes and diminishes. This method enhances your liver’s health. It contains a blend of these vital ingredients:


B Complex
Energizes and boosts stamina

Vitamin D
Enhances your immune system


Vitamin Injections reduce weight, energize, improve immune system health, ease aches, and enhance your metabolism.

You’ll see the results within 48-72 hours after the procedure.

It depends on your metabolism and how often the injections are administered. The improvements usually last one week.

Yes. You may get irritation, mild ache son the injected area, itching, and swelling. If the symptoms worsen, see a doctor for medical care.

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